We love to hear our customer’s experiences with our products. Below is some feedback we have received over the past few months. If you wish to share some of your findings with us, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Great Device!

Recently our clinic has purchased a Mustec HD.

We were advised by a colleague of the advantages of consistent muscle strength measurement in patients. He had recently purchased a Mustec HD as the newest device in this specialty. Easy to use, inexpensive and CE certified as a medical instrument. The competing brand, was not certified. Now that we have tested the device in practice, we found that the design is also easy to operate by one of our female colleagues whose palm is relatively small. The device measures accurately, and with a user-friendly display. In short, we believe Mustec HD is of great added value and helps us to methodically record data. By the way, it is quite motivating for our patients to be able to follow their development quantitatively.

Jeroen de Bruin


Enhanced knowledge with measurement

“Considering the hand-held dynamometry’s ease of use, portability, cost and compact size compared to isokinetic devices, this instrument can be considered a reliable and valid instrument for muscle strength assessment in a clinical setting.”

Quoted by the 2011 American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Published by Elsevier Inc.

To supplement our Isokineet, the above mentioned publication introduced us to a hand held dynamometer (HHD) to see if it could meet the needs of our department. We purchased the newly developed Mustec HD device, and compared the Mustec HD and our Biodex System 3 against one another by applying isometric force to the Mustec HD on the load arm of the Biodex. The measured values were identical on both instruments. Our conclusion is that both provide equal results. Because of its convenience, we then started measuring with the Mustec HD. We are satisfied with our choice. A nice fact is that the Mustec HD is a Dutch product. I consider it a high-quality design. It was neatly packaged and included 3 different attachments.

Gert van Andel

Human movement scientist, Physiotherapist

Very practical…love the software as well

In the department we use various hand held dynamometers from a different brand. The oldest was recently discarded because the measured values ​​no longer corresponded to the calibration values. So we went looking for a new one and ended up with a new generation of muscle strength device on the market called Mustec HD. We have also connected the Mustec HD wirelessly to our laptop making use of the Mustec HD software.

We are very impressed with the large variety of features and the ease of use. We now have the option of even taking measurements at the bedside of our patients and combining them into our central digital patient file through the software. Previously, we needed to refer to separate sources to calculate Normative values, but not anymore! In addition to these features, it is a practical and beautifully designed instrument. Just waiting for department budget to allow for the replacement all old dynamometers with Mustec HD units.

(testimonial translated from Dutch)

Anke de Boer- Scholvinck

Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist

Faculty remarks

“…We are interested in a collaboration with a good scientific perspective, as I have discussed…We are satisfied with the product and will therefore continue to refer it to colleagues. I will also think about further potential developments.”


Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences.