Mustec HD, deliver accurate and evidence-based treatments

The Mustec HD is the renewed Handheld Dynamometer for muscular testing, evaluating and analyses to be used by physical therapists, chiropractors, medical researchers and sports physicians, among others.
This muscle strength evaluator combines instant precision, convenience and value for money.


The Mustec HD is developed in the Netherlands for musculoskeletal therapists around the world allowing immediate and accurate results as well as an ergonomic and convenient use of the device. It offers three additional attachments as well as an optional and complementary powerful software package automatically collecting valuable and in-depth evaluation of a patient´s muscle strength results over time.


Mustec HD to a physiotherapist is like a stethoscope to a physician.

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A Mustec HD to a physiotherapist should be like a stethoscope to a physician!

H.G.A. van den Heuvel


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Easy to use, great quality


Recently our clinic has purchased a Mustec HD.

We were advised by a colleague of the advantages of consistent muscle strength measurement in patients. He had recently purchased a Mustec HD as the newest device in this specialty. Easy to use, inexpensive and CE certified as a medical instrument. The competing brand, was not certified. Now that we have tested the device in practice, we found that the design is also easy to operate by one of our female colleagues whose palm is relatively small…more

Jeroen de Bruin


Powerful Software

Connect your Mustec HD via Bluetooth to a desktop or laptop for advanced data collection and analysis with our prorietary software.

Methods & Protocols

Learn more about typical use cases for the Mustec HD: Protocols and Methods.